The stress response is what your body innately does to return itself back or order. And we have three basics stresses. We have physical stress like accidents, injuries, falls, traumas. We have chemical stress, like bacteria and viruses, and hormones in foods and heavy metals and hangovers and blood sugar levels, and then we have emotional stress and that’s family tragedies, loss, job, finances. And all of those things knock our brain and body out of balance. All organisms in nature can tolerate short- term stress.

A pack of coyotes chases a deer. If the deer outruns the coyotes, 15 minutes later the turns back into grazing. She goes back into foraging and grazing and the stress response is over. But human beings, you know, we’re so unique because we can turn on the stress response just by thought alone. We could think about something that’s happened in our past or we can worry about something that’s gonna happen in future, and throughout alone, we turn on those same chemical. And when you turn on the stress response and you can’t turn it off, now you’re headed for some types of diseases, because no organism in nature can live in emergency mode for an extended period of time.

So to answer your question, if you can turn on the stress response just by thought alone, and it’s scientific fact that the hormones of stress down- regulate genes to create disease, then it means that your thoughts can literally make you sick. So the fundamental question is: if your thoughts can make you sick, is it possible that your thoughts can make you well?

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