If you want to achieve success in your life, you need to work hard. You need to live with determination. You need to have patience. And even after following all of these, we still have to face challenge in our life, we fail, we fall, and become hopeless. Hopelessness is the biggest enemy of success. If you become hopeless, you will loose everything. Whenever you feel hopeless, just remember mother giraffe. When mother giraffe gives birth to a baby, mother giraffe is very tall and the baby giraffe falls on the ground with a force. And as it tries to understand where it has fallen, mother giraffe stands over it and kicks it really hard. The baby giraffe falls at a distance and tries to gather its senses, again the mother giraffe comes and stands over it and again gives it another hard kick. The baby giraffe understands, ‘If I don’t act now, I will keep getting kicks.’ Its starts trying to get up on its wobbly legs. Then, again the mother kicks the baby and again the baby falls and understands, ‘If I don’t stand and run, I will be kicked again and again.’ Now, the baby giraffe starts running and at that moment, the mother comes and starts kissing and embracing the baby. The mother giraffe is aware that there are ferocious animals in the forest tiger, wolf, etc. who love soft flesh of newborn animals. And the mother giraffe can’t stay with the baby all the time. So if it goes away, who will protect the baby? That is why, as soon as the baby is born, the mother kicks the baby so that it learns how to stand, she kicks again so that the baby remembers how to stand. Again she kicks the child so that the baby not just stands up, but starts running.

In life, challenges will come, and we will fall, we will fail. But remember the mother giraffe and it’s baby at that time. Whenever challenges come your way, no matter how many times you fall, learn to get up, learn from the baby giraffe to get up and stand, get up and start running. If you learn to get up, stand up and start running, If you learn to get up, stand up and start running, then you will reach the highest peak of success.

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