Meditation is easier than you think. Actually, you can meditate anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. It is just awareness.

We say that the essence of meditation is awareness. Awareness means you know what you are thinking, what your are feeling, what you are doing. That is awareness, the knowingness, to know. So, many people think meditation is something very difficult, empty your mind, do not think of anything, concentrate. That is a misunderstanding of meditation.

Actually. to meditate, you do not have to do anything, like blocking thoughts, create a special state of mind, or be peaceful and calm. There is no need of that. Simple “be.” As long as you are aware of something and maintain that awareness, that is meditation. Of course, sometimes when we meditate like that, lots of thoughts pop up in our mind, like to do lists, “I have to do this. I need to talk to that person. I have this important deadline. Am I wasting time? How do I know if I am doing this right or wrong?” All these thoughts may come, that is normal. When I was young, the first time I meditated I had all of these things coming. Sometimes I was lost and completely forgot to listen to sound and then suddenly, I remembered, “Oh!” Then I forgot again! That is okay. There is no problem.

You can try again : Listen to sound, forget, listen to sound, forget. That is sound meditation. Today please practice this. When you go out or when you are at your work, just listen. You can listen to any sound. Anywhere, Anytime..

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