How does luck or destiny; what role does it play in victory or success?

Is it all hard work?

Is it all destiny?

What is it?

Now, in my humble opinion, destiny is the situations that come to you, which are beyond your control. For example, you didn’t choose your parents. Did any of us choose our parents? You were destined; that was destiny; you were born. You never thought he will be my father, she will be my mother and I will incarnate. Have you ever thought like that? Never.

Did you ever choose your looks? My nose will be shaped like this. Do we choose? No one look as good as their Facebook profile picture and no one look as ugly as their identity card picture, no one.

So, situations are destiny. You didn’t choose them, they came to you. If someone insults me, I didn’t choose it, it came to me. The situation is destined. But my response to those situations is my choice. Response is not destiny. What I choose is my choice and when I choose it, that decides my future destiny. This is why they say that man is the maker of his destiny, not situations. Situations will remain what they are but how you respond to those situations is completely and entirely your choice. So now, for example, some of you may have just got admission in a mediocre, simple college. Why? you couldn’t crack it to do to IIT, you couldn’t crack it to any of those places. No issues, right! It’s not that only IItians succeed, is it? You have that situation that is destined.

Now you have a choice to work hard, to cultivate that attitude. That attitude is not destiny. That attitude is a choice. And when you choose that attitude, hopefully victory will come to you right away. Even if it doesn’t come to you right away you have sown the seed. That will pay back. The seed that is sown will certainly fructify now, 10 years down the line, 20 years down the line or later. This is why persistence, sticking it out is so much essential.

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